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21.  MBG -- Italian Garden, Employees

MBG Italian Garden (a.k.a. the Formal Garden). Employees posed for group shot in center of garden with Juno statue, Arbor in background. Adhered to scrapbook page with another photograph on reverse side. The Pergola was the open row of columns and trellises bordering the west side of the Italian Garden. The Arbors were the two roofed structures at the center of the Pergola. The Greenhouse which made up the surrounding border of the Italian Garden was -- as a whole -- referred to as the Conservatory or the Italian Garden Greenhouse, with each part of the building segmented into; Desert House, Cycad and Fern House, Economic House, South African House, and Palm House. After the Palm House was torn down, the remaining south and north buildings were called the Desert House and the Mediterranean House. 

22.  Lehmann Building Construction

John S. Lehmann Building Construction. Gift of Walter Lewis 12/07/1987. 

23.  View of Victorian area.

View of Victorian area at the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

24.  Kresko Victorian Garden.

Kresko Victorian Garden.. 


25.  Kresko Victorian Garden.

Kresko Victorian Garden. 


26.  Main Garden Agave filifera filamentose

Agave filifera filamentose growing in wooden tub in the Parterre. Back side of Juno is in the background. Color magic lantern slide. 


27.  MBG Sam

Parterre view with Juno in the foreground to the right c.1900. Main Gate visible in the background. Image taken from color magic lantern slide. Note on (original) jacket 'Main Gate 724' in color. 


28.  Bedding with succulents

Bedding with succulents in the parterre c.1900. Statue of Juno in background. 


29.  MBG Sam

Main Conservatory (1868-1916) and Juno. Color magic lantern slide. 


30.  1911 Sam

Front view of the Main Conservatory (1868-1916) and Juno in 1911. Image taken from color magic lantern slide. 


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