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11.  MBG Gardeners -- Tree Planting

MBG Gardeners -- Tree Planting. Set of five images mounted on board, numbered individually (PHO 2000-0211.1 -- PHO 2000-0211.5) but entered as one record. 


12.  Student Gardeners

Student Gardeners. Garden's Horticulture Dept employed college and H. School students on part-time basis. Newsletter '69, Nov. 

13.  Garden hands.

Garden hands. 

14.  Setting plants near lily pools.

Setting plants near lily pools. Mounted with PHO 2006-2542 

15.  After the show

Garden staff loading horse drawn carriage with plants after show at the Missouri Botanical Garden. West wing of the Main Conservatory is visible in background. See also PML 1980-0651 with the same title and date. 


16.  Photograph of a group of gardeners

Hand-colored photo with James Gurney in upper left corner. Several gardeners seated, with others staff standing behind. NOT the same as Gpp 1981-0013 or GPN 1982-0334 or GPP 1982-0335. 

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