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1.  Lily Ponds -- Construction

Lily Ponds under construction. PRINT AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 2006-2256 and PHO 2005-2258. Negatives available at PHO 2006-2267 and PHO 2006-2532. 


2.  Climatron Construction series

Climatron Construction series. Same as: CLI4#22, PHO 2005-0097. 

3.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction. Left: probably construction foreman of North American Aviation. Right: Eugene Mackey (d. 1968) of Murphy & Mackey Architects. I.D. by Harry B. Richman in T.L.S. 1/10/89. 

4.  Climatron Construction

Construction of the Missouri Botanical Garden's Climatron was a learning experience, since a geodesic dome had never been built before. Negative available. 

5.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction. Scaffolding 

6.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction 

7.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction 

8.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction 

9.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction 

10.  Climatron Construction

Climatron Construction. Picture taken Nov. 29, 1959 

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