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1.  Old Main Gate.

Front view of the original Main Gate from across Tower Grove Ave. Color magic lantern slide. 


2.  Original Main Gate and lily pond of the Garden.

Interior view of the Main Gate as viewed from across lily pond, view looking to the east. 


3.  Within the gate Cacti planting

Cacti plantings inside the Main Gate. 


4.  The Main Gate.

View of the original Main Gate and Tower Grove Avenue. View is to the north. 


5.  MBG Sam

Parterre view with Juno in the foreground to the right c.1900. Main Gate visible in the background. Image taken from color magic lantern slide. Note on (original) jacket 'Main Gate 724' in color. 


6.  Main Gate

Street side view of Main Gate. Several horses and carriages visible. 

7.  Main Gate, interior view. Ladies on path.

Main Gate interior view with ladies on path. Two copy negatives available. PRINTS AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1984-0002, PHO 2006-2450 and PHO 2006-2507. Negatives available at PHO 2006-2508 and PHO 2006-2509. 


8.  Main Gate. Carriages lined up on street.

Main Gate with carriages lined up on street. Stereograph. PRINTS AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1983-0464, PHO 2006-2451, PHO 2006-2452, PHO 2006-2453, PHO 2006-2481 and PHO 2006-2489. Negatives available at PHO 2006-2468, PHO 2006-2490, PHO 2006-2505 and PHO 2006-2506. Gateway Heritage, pg. 25. Summer 1984. 


9.  Main Gate -- Cacti

Main Gate interior showing Cacti beds. Copy negative available. PRINTS AVAILABLE -- SEE PHO 1983-0384, PHO 2006-2518 and PHO 2006-2519. Negative available at PHO 2006-2515. 


10.  Lily Ponds -- Construction

Lily Ponds under construction. 


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