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1.  Plan of MBG Arboretum

Plan of Missouri Botanical Garden Arboretum (Gray Summit). 

2.  Arboretum

Arboretum (Gray Summit), key map dated Feb., 1933; surveyor unknown. 


3.  Arboretum

Arboretum, undated pinetum area map; surveyors unknown 

4.  Shaw Nature Reserve. Visitor's Center.

Visitor's Center, erected 1936. Mounted with PHO 2007-1593 and PHO 2007-1594. Bulletin Vol. 25, 1937.. 

5.  Shaw Nature Reserve. Gatehouse.

Gatehouse/Administration Building. Mounted with PHO 2007-1605. 

6.  Arboretum (Gray Summit)

Arboretum (Gray Summit) Loading and hauling gravel from Meramec River - new method of dragline loading gravel. MBG Bulletin 40:70 (April 1952). 

7.  Arboretum (Gray Summit) Wood Duck Lake construction

Arboretum (Gray Summit) Beginning to dig Wood Duck Lake at Arboretum. MBG Bulletin 40:68. ca. 1950 

8.  Arboretum (Gray Summit)

Arboretum (Gray Summit) Sludge being emptied directly into a spruce planting. 

9.  Arboretum (Gray Summit) Spring

Arboretum (Gray Summit) A million or so naturalized narcissi carpet the meadows in the spring from March to early May. Negative available. Duplicate, see PHO 2003-0129. 

10.  Arboretum (Gray Summit) Spring

Arboretum (Gray Summit) Old farm field: daffodil planting in Pinetum area, 1947. 

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