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1.  Golding 00001

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2.  Golding 00001

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3.  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Slide of view of the palace from the south side of the lake and the temples of Bellona and Aeolus, and the house of Confucius m: Etching. 24 3/8 x 21" 1 duplicate 

4.  Collinson, Peter Collinson House, Mill Hill School

Slide of photograph of Mill Hill School ca. 1890-1907 

5.  Carstang, Effie Portrait

Sepia slide of Effie Carstang portrait from New York Illustrated News. April 5, 1860. Page 328 1 duplicate 1 duplicate from slightly farther away. 


6.  Moore, George T Portrait

Sepia slide of George T. Moore, Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden (1912-1953). 


7.  Architectural Drawing of St. Louis, Mo., ca. 1870.

Drawing includes Forest Park. 

8.  Missouri Botanical Garden. Museum Building.

Museum Building, ca. 1867, 

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