Software for Scanning Probe Microscopy

Software for processing SPM data sets is available from several third-party companies and research groups.  This software may be adapted to data sets from one or more instrument makers.    Inclusion in this list is a courtesy and does not constitute any recommendation or warranty on behalf of any product or company listed.

MIDAS deconvolution software
With the use of geometric deconvolution, the widening effect seen in many of the AFM images can be reduced to give a more accurate image.  This site also includes some C and VisualBasic programs that extract information from file headers of image files
Deconvo - tip deconvolution program.
With help of this program you can estimate the shape of your cantilever tip from AFM image (using blind estimation algorithm), approximate the true surface and obtain the certainty map of the image.
The Scanning Probe Image Processor, SPIP
An image processing program designed with focus on characterization of SPM instruments and
accurate quantification of image structures.   Other instruments like interference microscopes,
profilers and scanning electron microscopes are also supported.
SPM Calibrator Pro - a  system for calibrating scanning probe microscopes
SPM Calibrator consists of a reference standard and data analysis software.  Features and benefits:   Statistical report - documents magnification and distortion for quality control.  Pitch table and graph - shows trend of individual values, helps you adjust your SPM to reduce distortion.  Plain text output files - can be imported into third-party spreadsheet or plotting programs. Automatic feature finder- quick (no need to count features).  High precision analysis process (Patented) - get precise dimensions for both large and small scans using one standard.  Graphical interface, on-line help, free technical support - easy to learn and use.
Statscan - height calibration program.
With help of this program and a calibration grating you can perform different calibration procedures and simple arithmetical operations with scans.
WSxM Scanning Probe Microscopy Software
Windows application for Data Acquisition and Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM):   
  • Real time control based on Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology.
  • 3D rendering, pseudocolor image representation, Fourier and roughness analysis, data smoothing, cross section profiles, and more sophisticated operations, including current vs voltage (I-V) curves normalization, Current Image Tunneling Specstroscopy (CITS) analysis, and grain detection.
  • Compatible with most of the SPM commercial file formats: Digital Instruments, Topometrix, Park Instruments, Omicron.
3D Surface View 3D Surface View Software
  • Interactive 3D scientific visualization with real time rendering.
  • Available as ActiveX ocx control,  ActiveX exe server, and turnkey end user application.
  • Aimed for R&D in the field of scanning microscopy (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, NSOM, etc.) as well as 3D Laser Beam measurement.

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