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SPM Instrumentation
These are commercially available from several competing firms, including those listed below in alphabetical order.  Inclusion in this list is a courtesy and does not constitute any recommendation or warranty on behalf of any company listed.  Many of these firms offer general-purpose instruments that can handle a variety of imaging modes, while others are more specialized.  A number of physical scientists have built their own instruments or custom parts for specific applicatons.   Several web sites provide resources for those who wish to construct their own instruments.

DME - Danish Micro Engineering A/S
    Herlev, Denmark
PSIA Corp.
    Sungnam, Korea
JPK Instruments AG
    Berlin, Germany
    Nes-Ziona, Israel
NT-MDT, Molecular Devices and Tools for Nanotechnology,
    Moscow, Russia
Quesant Instruments
    Agoura Hills, CA
Molecular Imaging Corporation,
    Phoenix, AZ.
RHK Technology, Inc.
    Rochester Hills, MI
Nanosurf AG
   Liestal, Switzerland
Surface Imaging Systems GmbH
    Herzogenrath, Germany
Nanotec Electronica
   Madrid, Spain
Triple-O Microscopy GmbH,
    Potsdam, Germany
Novascan Technologies, Inc.
   Ames, IA

Veeco Metrology Group
    Woodbury, NY
Omicron Vacuumphysik GmbH,
    Taunusstein, Germany

Veeco Metrology Group was formed through the merger of Digital Instruments, Santa Barbara, CA and TM Microscopes, formerly ThermoMicroscopes, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Merged brands also include Topometrix and Park Scientific Instruments.


SPM accessories include probe tips, calibration gratings, software, sample preparation supplies, etc.  Many of these items are available from the SPM instrument makers listed above, but also from microscopy dealers and more specialized suppliers.  A few of the specialized dealers are listed below as a courtesy.  Inclusion in this list does not constitute any recommendation or warranty on behalf of any company listed.  If you know of one that is not listed, send me a message

Third-party software for SPM image and force curve analysis is also available.

Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc. (ASM)
    Indianapolis, IN
ASM is an SPM services company that also is a dealer in used SPM equipment and provides SPM software, and supplies, including calibration gratings.
Infinitesima Limited
Maker of the ActivResonance Controller, which improves the performance of force microscopes, especially when working in liquid environment. The ability to control the character of the cantilever resonance leads to enhanced image contrast and reduced deformation of soft samples. 
Innovative Solutions Bulgaria  (ISB-BudgetSensors)
Sofia, Bulgaria
"The products of ISB - BudgetSensors (TM) are high-quality silicon SPM probes that fit to all well-known and commercially used Atomic Force Microscopes.  We are offering different SPM probe types for different measuring modes."
K-TEK International, Inc.
    Portland, Oregon
K-Tek International is the US dealer for MicroMesch supplies from Silicon-MDT.
    Tallinn, Estonia
MikroMasch supplies Ultrasharp SPM tips, calibration gratings and special micromechanical structures.
    Wetzlar-Blankenfeld, Germany
"We are a small company that has become the world leading manufacturer of probes for scanning probe microscopy."
    Lenting / Germany
"Customer-optimized High Density Carbon scanning probes (HDC) for Atomic Force Microscopy"
Novascan Technologies, Inc.
    Ames, Iowa
Novascan fabricates atomic force microscope probes and surfaces with specific chemistries, molecules, linkers and particles.


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