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International Journal of Phytoremediation The first scientific journal devoted to this field, First Issue:  March 1999.
Technology Innovation Office, USEPA Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information Web Site, CLU-IN, provides information about innovative treatment technologies to the hazardous waste remediation community.
American Society of Plant Biologists "Phytoremediation: Using plants to remove pollutants from the environment," Professor Ilya Raskin, AgBiotech Center, Rutgers University
Phytoremediation Electronic Newsgroup Network

Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Parma, Italy

"The Phytonet Newsgroup was developed to allow easy worldwide communications between scientists who work on problems related with Phytoremediation and Application of Plant Systems to Environmental Control." 
Kansas State University 
Hazardous Substance Research Center
Phytoremediation Home Page
"Information on the internet relating to phytoremediation--an innovative technology for remediating sites contaminated with hazardous substances." 
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Phytoremediation of Organics 
Action Team
"The Phytoremediation of Organics Action Team includes representatives from industry and government who share an interest in further developing and evaluating the of use of plants and trees to remediate contaminated soil and water." 
  • Assess the status of current phytoremediation research 
  • Identify and determine ways to address key research gaps 
  • Facilitate validation of phytoremediation technologies 
  • Determine appropriate uses of phytoremediation [ Participants ]
EPA Phytoremediation Bibliography
  • This bibliography is the work of the EPA Phytoremediation Handbook Team in conjunction with the RTDF Phytoremediation Action Team.
  • It includes peer-reviewed journal articles,  presentations and posters from conferences, book chapters, and articles from newspapers and magazines.
  • Last modified: August 2, 1999

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Hyperaccumulators Bibliography from the 
National Agricultural Library
25 citations from the Agricola Database
1991 - 1998 
Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library. 
Last update: February 17, 1999
Lemna Links Applications of duckweeds in aquaculture and bioremediation
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