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History of The Charms of Duckweed
  • first went on-line in July 1998
  • moved to Universities Space Research Association, September 1998
  • moved to the Missouri Botanical Garden, February 2000
  • selected for the National Science Teachers' Association sciLINKS program, April 2001
  • over 100,000 visitors by December 2003.
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Nature on the Web
Tom Douglas

The Bayou Banner, Newsletter of the Houston, TX Regional Group, Sierra Club. 24(6):5, July-August 1999.

CREATOR: John W. Cross

"I personally love duckweed because it's part of my favorite wetlands east of town. Afloat in the swamp, it looks especially grand when it's topped with a dusting of cinnamon-colored Azolla fern. Apparently John Cross feels much the same way. He brings us drawings of duckweed, close-ups of duckweed, wide-angle shots of duckweed, even remote sensing of duckweed from space. You'll find numerous links to duckweed gems from Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Vietnam - even a report from the World Bank. Not bad for the world's smallest flowering plant."

"Duckweed is a prime food source for both fish and aquatic birds. Humans use it for animal feed, wastewater purification, and detection of water-borne toxins. NASA and the Russian space program are studying it for use in life support systems. One day we may even be eating "ducklent green," since duckweed produces twice as much protein per acre as soybeans. Or, you might want to use it to clarify the water in your aquarium. If you're a teacher or a student looking for a science fair project, there are some excellent resources here. Like most good Web sites, this one is updated frequently."

A weed for all seasons
Pat Brennan
The Orange County Register,  July 11, 1999
This article on duckweeds cites The Charms of Duckweed web site as a source.

Fan Mail from Visitors

From a writer in New Hampshire:

I'm a poet interested in nature.  I'm very interested in small life forms: duckweed, lichens, fungi. I'd written a poem about duckweed a couple of years ago but wasn't able to find really good photos and especially drawings of duckweed structure, reproductive system etc.  What a wonderful site.

A Message from a High School Science Teacher

I am a science teacher at ... High School in.....  I assigned a duckweed project to my students and some of them used your web page as a resource and I must say that I am impressed.  The detail of the anatomy was astounding.  The students exposed duckweed to different treatments such as road salt, acid mine drainage, and varied nutrient levels over four weeks.  The project was so successful I am going to begin next year with it.  It is very effective in teaching the nature of science and experimental design.  I would be interested in seeing what kind of research you would be interested in posting on your web page.  I would like to start planning the opening lessons for next year now.  If my students had the goal of being able to post their research on a page such as yours, it may raise the standards even more....  Your willingness to attempt communication over your site is commendable.

A Note from a New York High School Senior

This website is phenomenal.  I normally have to spend hours online searching for sources to use in the background information section of lab reports in my Advanced Biology Class, but this site contained every speck of knowledge I could have desired and more.  I just had to spend the time to do the questionnaire and commend you for such an excellent, informative, clear, yet detailed site.  Bravo!

A Note from a College Senior in Utah

I did a project on duckweed 10 years ago when I was in the 7th grade.  I had a lot of trouble finding information to back up the experimental research I did.  Now, in my last semester in college, I am doing a term paper on phytoremediation.  It is amazing how much great information you have on this site.  I wish the internet and this site  had been around 10 years ago.  Great job!

A Note from a High School Student in London, England

Although there could have been more information on domestic chemicals and their affects on the growth rate of duckweed, I found the site very helpful indeed.  A wealth of accurate and clear information was available easily, with no troublesome search engines.  It seems tailor made to answer my questions.

A Note from a High School Student in Colorado

Thank you very much for building such an extensive website on duckweed!  I am a high school student doing a biology project on several different plant species, and your site has helped me immensely.  Everything thing I needed for the report was there, including excellent graphics.  I only wish more sites were as informative as yours!  Thank you!

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