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Pesticide Toxicology Research:

Midcontinent Agricultural Chemical Research Project - Potential Toxicity of Pesticides in ...
... values for two aquatic plants (duckweed, Lemna gibba; and green algae ... EC50 value for imazaquin on duckweed), the mean value for the ... - 17.8KB - USGS

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Title/Investigator Table of SIS Projects

Acc.No. Title Source
5003830 Enhanced waste treatment by wetlands with duckweed Fedler, Clifford B.
5002860 Ecological risk assessment of herbicides and other non-point source pollutants in freshwater aquatic ecosystems Fairchild, James F. 
5002346 Cost effective waste treatment through aquatic protein production Fedler, Clifford B.
5001129 Dynamics of wetland seedbanks and vegetation communities in existing and potential emergent marshes Fredrickson, Leigh, H.
5001042 Impacts of global climate change in submerged aquatic vegetation systems important to wildlife Rizzo, William M.

Revised:  June 5, 2005