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Blum V, Andriske M, Kreuzberg K, Paassen U, Schreibman MP, Voeste D. (1998) "Novel laboratory approaches to multi-purpose aquatic bioregenerative closed-loop food production systems." Acta Astronaut 42(1-8):25-35.  [ abstract ]

Blum V, Andriske M, Eichhorn H, Kreuzberg K, Schreibman MP. "A controlled aquatic ecological life support system (CAELSS) for combined production of fish and higher plant biomass suitable for integration into a lunar or planetary base." (1995) Acta Astronaut 37:361-71.  [ abstract ]

Thompson BG. (1989) "The maximization of the productivity of aquatic plants for use in controlled ecological life support systems (CELSS)." Acta Astronaut 19(3):269-73.  [ abstract ]
"Lemna minor (common duckweed) and a Wolffia sp. were grown in submerged growth systems.  Submerged growth increased the productivity unit volume (P/UV) of the organisms and may allow these plants to be used in a controlled ecological life support system (CELSS)"

Gale J, Smernoff DT, Macler BA, MacElroy RD. (1989) "Carbon balance and productivity of Lemna gibba, a candidate plant for CELSS." Adv Space Res 9(8):43-52.  [ abstract ]
"The photosynthesis and productivity of Lemna gibba were studied with a view to its use in Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS). ...yields of 18 g DW m-2 d-1 were obtained.  ...We conclude that a CELSS system could be designed around stacked, alternate layers of transparent Lemna trays and lamps.  This would allow for 7 tiers per meter height. Based on present data from single layers, the yield of such a system is calculated to be 135 g DW m-3 d-1 of a 100% edible, protein-rich food."

Author's note:  The reports retrieved by the NASA database search shown below are not currently on-line.  It may be possible to obtain copies from a NASA center library, but I cannot state that with confidence.

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  • 1000 -1 Carbon balance and productivity of Lemna gibba, a candidate plant for CELSS, Jan 01, 1989, ARC
  •  940 -1 Pennywort and duckweed marsh system for upgrading wastewater effluent from a mechanical package plant, NASA-TM-108053, Jan 01, 1985, SSC
  •  932 -1 Rate of reproduction and survival of duckweed Lemna minor after gamma-irradiation, Oct 01, 1967
  •  751 -1 Investigation of the effects of space flight factors on the emergence from the anabiotic state of turions of the great duckweed, Jan 01, 1978
  •  739 -1 Experiments on the irradiation of duckweed /lemna minor L./ by gamma-rays and fast neutrons, Jan 01, 1968
  •  725 -1 Compiled data on the vascular aquatic plant program, 1975 - 1977, NASA-TM-79511, Jan 01, 1977, SSC
  •  502 -1 Preliminary study of Lake Pontchartrain and vicinity using remotely sensed data from the ERTS-A satellite, E73-10613, May 15, 1973
  •  451 -1 Energy from aquatic plant wastewater treatment systems, NASA-TM-X-72733, Sep 01, 1979, SSC
  •  428 -1 Effects of light intensity and sucrose on the flowering of lemna perpusilla., Dec 01, 1964
  •  389 -1 Methane fermentation of aquatic biomass, Nov 01, 1979
  •  348 -1 Cultivation of macroscopic marine algae and freshwater aquatic weeds, COO-2948-3, Jan 01, 1979
  •  268 -1 Secondary domestic wastewater treatment using a combination of duckweed and natural processes, NASA-TM-108078, Jul 01, 1980, SSC
  •  238 -1 The effects of simulated weightlessness on the reproductive capacity of the great duckweed in the norm and under irradiation, Jan 01, 1978
  •  220 -1 Correlation of seasonal variations in phosphorus and nitrogen species in upper Black Warrior River with duckweed, DE82-903928, Oct 01, 1980
  •  204 -1 :, Oct 01, 1962
  •  142 -1 Natural systems for wastewater treatment and water reuse for space and earthly applications, NASA-TM-108067, Jan 01, 1987, SSC
  •  129 -1 The maximization of the productivity of aquatic plants for use in controlled ecological life support systems (CELSS), Mar 01, 1989
  •  122 -1 Heavy metal interactions with natural organics in aquatic environments, Jan 01, 1977
  •  119 -1 Cost analysis of aquatic biomass systems, HCP/ET-4000-78/1, Jul 25, 1978
  •  116 -1 The CELSS research program - A brief review of recent activities, Jan 01, 1989, ARC
  •  115 -1 Aquatic plants and wastewater treatment (an overview), NASA-TM-108066, Nov 25, 1986, SSC

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