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US Government and Corporate-Sponsored R&D
US Government Research
Companies Putting Duckweed to Work

US Government-Sponsored Research
Duckweed Research from NASA

NASA research on duckweeds for use in advanced life support systems for human exploration and development of space.  Such systems will be required for missions to the planets.

National Institutes of Health

NIH supports research on duckweeds as a model system to understand gene regulation, biosynthesis of essential nutrients, photobiology, and more.

National Science Foundation

NSF sponsors fundamental research in areas of biology not supported by NIH.

USDA Research with Duckweeds
    USDA employs duckweeds as model systems for basic plant research and in studies of alternative treatment systems for animal waste.
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA reports that duckweeds are very promising for their potential to detoxify pesticide residues in the environment.

United States Geological Survey

Biological Resources Division (BRD) supports work on waste treatment, wetlands, and global environmental change.

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Companies:  Putting Duckweeds to Work

Paul Skillicorn, founding member of Agriquatics, currently heads the company and its parent, Biotechnology Research and Development.  Paul has developed replicable farming protocols, employing it in treatment of wastewater and optimizing its use as a feed for poultry, swine, cattle, fish and prawns.   In Bangladesh, he pioneered the Shobuj Shona (literally “Green Gold”) by joint venturing with rural villagers in both agriculture and small industry.
Aquaquatics Municipal Wastewater System

BTWM provides a unique, low-cost solution to the wastewater treatment problems of many local communities and rural industries. The BTWM system uses duckweed, a small floating aquatic plant, to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and excess mineral nutrients from sewage effluent and other  forms of wastewater."

BTWM's technology has been demonstrated at sites across Australia.

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  Angaston   Batchelor   Coopernook   Darwin   Harrington
Humpee-Doo site Marrara Dam site Mount Barker site ada ada
  Marrara Dam   Mount Barker   Toomelah   Wickham   Virgina

Biolex had purchased LemnaGene S.A. in 2005.  LemnaGene was a privately-held, French start-up biotechnology company researching potential applications of Lemna and Spirodela to produce recombinant proteins.
Read more about SYNLEX™ technology. ]


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