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Experiments and Projects with Duckweed

Projects and Laboratory Exercises
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Projects and Laboratory Exercises

This is a collection of ideas and links to sites with suggested experiments.  Some of the links provide complete packages of materials, including protocols, data sheets and report formats.  Others are more sketches of projects or suggestions.  Many of them involve counting fronds to measure population growth, but many other biological or chemical parameters can easily be investigated using these plants.  Two examples are plant dormancy and the growth and function of roots

Right:  Spirodela collected from a wetland.

Reference:  The Committee on Biology Teacher Staff, The Role of Scientists in the Professional Development of Science Teachers. National Academy Press, Hardcover - 175 pages (pub. May 1996).  Available from  [ More information on this book ]

Please contact me if you know of other  learning experiments for schools or colleges.  If you have done a project and would like to put it on these pages as an example, I would be very interested.  I can help you format it and you will get credit for authorship.  Projects with data tables, drawings or photos are particularly desirable.

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