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[ The Smallest Flowering Plants ]
[ Botanical Facts ] General facts & taxonomy
[ Duckweed Illustrations ] Photos and drawings of diverse duckweeds:  Spirodela, Lemna, Wolffia and Wolffiella
[ Landoltia (Spirodela) punctata ] Photos and information on this species
[ Geography ] Where do duckweeds live?

[ Wetlands - Duckweed Habitat ]  Ecological niche of duckweeds,  and Environmental Stress

[ Competition for duckweeds ] Organisms growing together

[ Herbivores and pathogens ] Animals and microorganisms that feed on duckweeds
[ Evolution ]  Where did duckweeds come from?

[ Anatomy ]  The Structure of duckweed fronds from the work of Elias Landolt

[ Preparation of duckweed fronds for study ] A procedure to clear and stain duckweed fronds.
[ Vegetative Growth ] Design for Rapid Growth,  Overgrowth (Blooms), Senescence

[ Roots ]  A look at these simple roots and how they develop in Lemna and Spirodela

[ Flowering and Dormancy ]  Sexual reproduction and a dormant vegetative stage

[ Phytochrome ]  Regulates many aspects of plant growth & development, including flowering in duckweed.
[ Nutritional Composition ]  The mineral and organic composition of duckweeds relevant to human and animal nutrition.
[ Molecular Duckweed and The Duckweed Genome Project ]
[ Chromosomes ]  Images and counts of duckweed chromosomes.

[ Biochemistry and Physiology ]  On-line research in physiology, biochemistry & molecular biology. 

[ Books on Duckweeds and Other Aquatic Plants ]

[ Duckweed Organizations ]  International Steering Committee on Duckweed Research and Applications Newsletter (ISCDRA News)

[ Experiments & Projects ]  for Teachers and Students

[ Projects and Laboratory Exercises ]

[ Tips for Growing Duckweeds ]  Where to get duckweeds & how to grow them.

[ Synthetic Media for Growing Duckweeds ]
[ Measuring Growth ]  Counts, weights, areas & digital analysis.
[ Results of a Growth Experiment ]  Vegetative reproduction in duckweeds:  Analysis of the growth curve.
[ Cloning Duckweed ]  What are clones?  Why are they important?  Why are they controversial?

[ Practical Duckweed ]  Uses for duckweed: Application areas and companies in bioremediation, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals & more.

[ Duckweed as a Feed Supplement for Livestock ]

[ Duckweed as a Primary Feedstock for Aquaculture ]

[ Environmental Testing and Research ]  Duckweed is the guinea pig to discover substances toxic to plants.

[ Phytotoxicity Test Procedures ] Where to find detailed test methods.  Automated test systems.
[ Phytotoxicity Testing: Foliar spray method ]
[ Phytotoxic Substances:  Test Results and Research ]  Relative toxicity of herbicides to Lemna.  Current research.
[ Patents and Inventions ]

[ Government and Corporate-Sponsored Research ]  US Government agencies and for-profit companies sponsoring research on duckweeds and their practical applications

[ Research from NASA ] National Aeronautics and Space Administration

[ Research from NIH ] National Institutes of Health

[ Research from NSF ] National Science Foundation

[ Research from USDA ] US Department of Agriculture

[ Research from USEPA ] US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

[ Research from USGS ]  United States Geological Survey Biological Resources Division (BRD)

[ Aquatic Weed Control ]  Controlling unwanted duckweed growth

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[ Search Website ]  A search engine just for The Charms of Duckweed.

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