Books on Duckweeds, Other Aquatic Plants and Phytoremediation
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Book Chapters
  1. Eastman, John "Duckweeds" In: The Book of Swamp and Bog: Trees, Shrubs, and Wildflowers of the Eastern Freshwater Wetlands. Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA, 1995, pp. 65-69.
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  2. Gijzen, HJ, Veenstra, S.  "Duckweed-based wastewater treatment for rational resource recovery and reuse." In:  Environmental Biotechnology and Cleaner Bioprocesses, Part II: Recycling and Treatment of Organic Wastes.  Taylor and Francis, Inc., Philadelphia and London, 2000, pp. 83-100. 
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Duckweed Books

Practical applications
  • Basco, Maximus.  Duckweed Profitable Feed for Tilapia Farming: A Practical Manual to Tilapia Feeding (Tilapia Fish Farming) (Volume 2), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Second edition (December 11, 2012), 58 pp.
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  • Ferdoushi, Z., Khan, S. and Haque, F. Duckweed aquaculture: its impacts on water quality and fish production: Water quality maintenance through biofiltration of organic pollutants using fish edible duckweed for sustainable fish production. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (November 26, 2010), 108 pp.
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  • Al Nozaily, Fadhi. Performance and Process Analysis of Duckweed-covered Sewage Lagoons for High Strength Sewage, Taylor & Francis, pub. 2000, 264 pp.
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Books by Elias Landolt
These books are available directly from the publisher by mail (or by e-mail). The publisher is the Veröffentlichungen des Geobotanischen Institutes, Stiftung Rübel (Publications of the Geobotanical institute), ETH, Zurich Switzerland.
The Landolt books are highly recommended.

Title / Author / Publication Date
70 Biosystematic investigations in the family of duckweeds (Lemnaceae). Vol. l. Key to determination. Cytological variation. Amino acid composition and sugar content. Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus. Bibliography. List of studied material.
E. LANDOLT (ed.), 1980.
71 Biosystematic investigations in the family of duckweeds (Lemnaceae). Vol. 2. The family of Lemnaceae - A monographic study. Part 1 of the monograph: Morphology; karyology; ecology; geographic distribution; systematic position; nomenclature; descriptions.
E. LANDOLT, 1986.
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