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Tai Hu Stones

Tai Hu Stone

The garden's magnificent rock formations are called Tai Hu stones, after Lake Tai in Jiangsu Province near Nanjing. Hu means "lake." For centuries, prized boulders of eroded limestone have been taken from Tai Hu and Chao Hu, a lake in the nearby Anhui Province where the stones in the Grigg garden were found.

To the right of the entrance path, an overlook with a carved balustrade of white marble extends over the water. The pavement here is decorated with a mosaic of the phoenix, symbolizing the empress. Both the overlook and the white marble bridge were carved in China. The pool's irregular edge creates the illusion of great size. It is lined with native Missouri stones, placed to suggest islands along a rocky shore.

Phoenix Balustrade

An Ancient Tradition
A Frame and a Focus
Mountains and Water
Plants as Symbols

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