Missouri Botanical Garden

Plant Records

Interpretive Signs

In addition to plant identification labels, the Garden also displays a wide variety of interpretive signs on the grounds.

The purpose of these signs is to educate visitors on specific aspects of plants, horticulture, ecology, history or any subject related to the Garden that is interesting, engaging, or conspicuous.

Following are several main topics that are important interpretive themes:

An important concern with interpretive signs is the audience. Our signs are written for literate students and adults and are meant to be plain and straightforward. The signs presuppose no knowledge of biology, botany, or any other specialization. While botanical/biological phenomena are explained, technical terms are avoided or, when necessary, are defined.

For more information, please call Becky Sucher, Coordinator of Plant Records/Applications, at
(314) 577-9407, or e-mail at rebecca.sucher@mobot.org.