Missouri Botanical Garden

Plant Records

Plant Identification Labels

The plant identification label is the most basic educational unit in our Garden. The labels displayed at the Missouri Botanical Garden use both common and botanical nomenclature to identify plants. The following label is the standard size (2.875" x 5") and format used throughout most of the Garden:

There are several other label formats in addition to the standart format shown above. These include 2" x 4" labels for close viewing, 4" x 6" tree labels, specialty garden labels and combination labels to name a few.

All of our labels are fabricated in-house using UV stable microsurfaced impact acrylic (2-ply, matte finish, 1/16" thick) and are engraved with a laser engraver (New Hermes Vanquard Laser 2001, 25 watt, 12" x 24" table). Labels are generated via reports out of our Plant Records database in Microsoft Access.

For more information on plant identification labels, please call Becky Sucher, Coordinator of Plant Records/Applications , at (314) 577-9407, or e-mail rebecca.sucher@mobot.org.