#5 - Teahouse Island--Nakajima

Teahouse IslandTo the west, across a narrow cove and dobashi, or earthen bridge, is Teahouse Island. Teahouse Island Lantern in SnowAt the end of the bridge stands a snow viewing lantern, yukimi-doro, a gift from St. Louis's sister city of Suwa, Japan. The teahouse itself, a gift from Missouri's sister state of Nagano, Japan, is sacred in Japanese culture. This soan, or "farm hut" style teahouse, was built in Japan, reassembled here by Japanese craftsmen, and dedicated with a Shinto ceremony in 1977. Teahouse Island LanternThe teahouse is screened by hedges to create a sense of remoteness. Except for special ceremonies, the teahouse and teahouse island are closed to the public.Teahouse Island Lantern

Teahouse Island Teahouse Island Teahouse Island Teahouse Island