Missouri Botanical Garden

Plant Records


Please follow these guidelines when
collecting plant material from the
Missouri Botanical Gardenís living collection:

Live plant collection is only permitted for scientific research purposes.

Obtain a list detailing the location of the plants from which you want to collect by querying the Horticulture Database via the Missouri Botanical Garden website.

When you arrive at the Garden, visit the Plant Records Office on the second floor of the Emerson Electric Conservation Center. You will be asked to provide the following information: type of material needed, quantity, and the purpose of the collection. The Plant Records department will determine whether or not we have sufficient quantities from which to collect, and if so, will provide you with a map of the Garden and a Collection Authorization Form.

The Plant Records Department will then contact a Horticulture staff member to assist you in finding the plants and to supervise the collecting. Collecting may only be done under the supervision of a Horticulture staff member as some material may be restricted from collecting, depending on its health, size, etc.

We cannot provide plastic bags, markers, or Styrofoam coolers; please come prepared. If you require only a few samples, we may be able to accommodate you through the mail. However, the Plant Records Office does not have the resources to collect all of the materials that are requested of us each year. Please call or write with your request and we will do our best to serve you.

WARNING: The identification of many plants in our collection has not been verified, nor have all the plants been vouchered. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of names from unverified accessions. If you can verify or correctly identify any of our plants, please provide us with this information for our files.

After collecting, we would like a list of your samples, including the MBG accession number and scientific name. You can include verifications and identifications on this list.

Lastly, the Missouri Botanical Garden should be cited if any of these collections become part of a published study.