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The twelve week commitment to participate in Horticulture's Summer Internship Program includes a variety of activities that go beyond the walls of the Missouri Botanical Garden. With St. Louis located in the heart of the Midwest, many horticultural interests lay within a reasonable distance. Our interns are given the opportunity to explore some of those.

The Monsanto Agricultural Research Center, another world-class institution in it's own right, is located just 15 minutes from the city limits. Advances in bio-technology developed there could be the answer to world hunger in our lifetime. A guided tour of these facilities is arranged for our interns. While we are in the neighborhood, we visit the Butterfly House, a division of Missouri Botanical Garden.

Chicago Botanic Garden
The furthest we travel is northeast in Illinois to tour Chicago Botanic Garden. We depart from MBG at 5:30 a.m. As part of the Cook County Forest Reserve, Chicago Botanic Garden offers a commanding display of horticulture.

Cantigny Gardens
At day's end, we retire to our hotel and the following day includes tours of the Morton Arboretum and the private garden estate of Col. James McCormick, known as Cantigny Gardens.

Ball seed trials

On our return, the seed trials at Ball Seed Company allow us to evaluate perennials, and seed-grown and vegetatively-produced summer annuals introduced for that year.

Shaw Nature Reserve

Shaw Nature Reserve, an extension of the Missouri Botanical Garden, includes 2,500 acres of natural Ozark landscape and managed plant collections. Located 35 miles southwest of St. Louis in Gray Summit, Missouri, it provides environmental education, ecological research and public enjoyment of the natural world.

Horticulture interns benefit from diverse experiences during a summer with us. This should include exploring their field of interest beyond our own Garden walls. These trips, the many networking opportunities available, the hands-on practical work experience, the projects they're assigned, even interns rooming together, all combine to become a positive part of their education process and helps to launch them into careers in their chosen professions.

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