Missouri Botanical Garden

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Horticulture Internship Area Housing

Trelease House We do not provide housing. However, we do assist when possible to find a suitable, affordable place with other interns near the Garden. Historically, interns have shared apartments close to the Garden for approx. $100/month per intern. This is a fringe benefit of our internship program, as interns save $100 to $200 per month over the going local rate for a shared apartment.

Trelease House
Trelease House is owned by the Garden. It is only one block from the Garden grounds and was recently refurbished on the inside. Trelease House is a great "home away from home" for some of our summer interns.

The neighborhoods surrounding the Garden and Trelease House include:

Neighborhood At right is a view of the neighborhood that Trelease House is in. In the distance you can see the top of the Gateway Arch. This picture was taken from the fourth floor of the Garden's research facility, The Monsanto Center, which is located across the street from Trelease House.

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