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Former Interns...Where are they now?

We hope to encourage YOU, future candidates for Horticulture Internships, with personal updates from our former interns.

We offer interns many opportunities to network and develop professional connections to last a career and to make friendships to last a lifetime.

Such opportunities abound during a summertime at MBG. Many former Horticulture interns have been hired into permanent positions here at the Garden, and so are still with us today. Most were hired into Horticulture, although others went to positions here in Research or Education. Other interns left the state, yet continue to keep in touch with us years later.

If you're interested in a career in the field of Horticulture, read on to see how former participants remember interning here and how their own careers have evolved from the days when they were once horticulture interns at Missouri Botanical Garden.

Meet these former Hort Interns who became MBG staff members

STEVE WOLFF, Sr. Hort./Floriculturist, Intern - 1968

JUNE HUTSON, Supervisor, Kemper Home Demonstration Gardens, Intern - 1974-76

BLANCHE 'BABS' WAGNER, Hort. II/Orchid Range, Intern - 1979

GREG CADICE, Sr. Hort./Water Gardening, Intern - 1986

JULIE HESS, Sr. Hort./Director's Res., Intern - 1988

JASON DELANEY, Sr. Hort./Bulb Gardens, Intern - 1995

DOUG HOLLAND, MBG Archivist, Intern - 1995

DIANE BRUECKMANN, former Hort. II/Rosarian, Intern - 1994

BRIAN WRATHER, former Hort. I/Kemper, Intern - 1997

CHRIS FREELAND, Web Group Project Leader, Intern - 1997

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