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grow greenSustainability
Within the St. Louis region, the Garden is currently one of a kind in educating and demonstrating sustainable life style choices—choices that minimize our current and future impact on plants, our local environment, and the world at large.

Plants and their ecosystems continue to be negatively impacted by human behaviors and choices related to the food we eat, the homes and buildings we construct and operate, the products we produce and consume, and the transportation methods we employ.

EarthWays Center
The Garden's EarthWays Center offers classes, workshops, and training programs for students, families, and professionals. Learn more.

Sustainable Gardening
Take the first steps to sustainable gardening with some easy-to-follow guidelines and suggestions from the Garden's Kemper Center for Home Gardening. Learn more.

Deer Creek Watershed
Learn more about this collaboariton to improve water quality in the St. Louis area.

Plastic Pot Recycling
Starting April 4
Learn more about recycling your plastic garden pots, polystyrene cell packs, and trays.

Green Resources Answer Service
Are you looking for green answers for everyday questions? Contact the Green Resources Answer Service to find Green products and services, evaluate Green claims, and plan your Green home or lifestyle project.

Contact us today at greenresources@mobot.org or call (314) 577-0246.

The Garden offers numerous classes, and activities related to green living and making incorporating sustainable choices into our every day lives. Learn more.

Home Improvement, Remodeling, and Renovation
Protect the environment while making your home more energy efficient. Improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable, healthier home. Learn how!