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Ratings for
Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue'
(8 ratings)

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Ratings Comments on this plant
I'm doing a part-time Horticulture course, Certificate III - this plant was given to the class, but, we never knew the name. Since yesterday have found this lovely prostrate plant's name. Conditions are different here, but, it does thrive. We will be propagating it. I'm glad I found this site, will visit more often now.,  Lyn,  South Australia, Australia  
Wonderful plant in SE Virginia. Remains green year round and spreads fast. In a container can be used as the trailing plant. ,  Felicity Ericson,  Gloucester VA, USA  
One of my favorite plants, covered with tiny, brilliant blue flowers for a few weeks in early spring. I have it in several areas. It died out on a sandy slope, but in rich soil it spreads very well, not invasive, does not overwhelm its neighbors, is beautiful in all seasons. ,  Ann,  Dallas, Texas  
I recently purchased this plant. I planted it around a large tree with not very much soil available around the plant and back-filled with potting soil. The plant is growing extremely well and spreading beautifully. I recommend to anyone. Even in the deep south.,  A. Peltier,  Gramercy, Louisiana  
Blooms incredibly well from February to May in Portland, appearing as a 3-foot wide 8-inch tall disk of intense cobalt blue from a distance. Continues blooming sporadically from May 'till frost. Needs no supplemental water after establishment, but needs good drainage.,  n/a,  Portland, OR  
This groundcover is absolutely stunning! The flowers are electric blue/purple and it propagates extremely well. Just pull out some of the rooted plant and plant somewhere else. It will thrive!,  n/a,  Cornwall, NY  
I got a cutting of this from a friend more than twenty years ago. We had no idea what it was until just this year when I discovered it for sale at a new local nursery. It is a wonderful ground cover that spreads but is not invasive and looks fantastic paired with the pink, white and purple ground phlox. The color is very unusual, almost a true blue. I would most highly recommend this as a ground cover or for a rock garden.,  Diane,  Raynham, Massachusetts USA  
I echo all the previous comments. Takes the tough conditions of Southern California, including clay soil and low water. A beautiful survivor. Just love this plant. ,  Mary,  Banning, CA, USA  

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