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Plants in Bloom for August

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In August the Garden will be alive with summer flowers and colorful displays. Early in the month the Japanese pagoda tree will still be flowering and all month you will see crape myrtles, which are very tolerant of summer heat.

A few daylilies will still be showy and roses continue in flower. The summer annuals are in full summer glory.

Daylily Hemerocallis aurantiaca 'Major'  (lf)
Jenkins Daylily Garden

Hybrid tea rose Rosa 'Eureka'  (lf)
Lehmann Building Landscape

Summer bedding plants  (lf)
Victorian Garden

Pee Gee hydrangea continues as does Hydrangea 'Tardiva'. Enjoy the bright red of the cardinal flower.

Summer sweets will be finishing but the chaste tree will be very attractive all month. A few early bluebeards come into flower.

Butterfly bush continues in bloom and some miscanthus begin to display their showy panicles. 'Rose Carpet' indigo is a great ground cover for a sunny location.

Rose of Sharons continue in flower.


Turtleheads will begin flowering mid-month and the Joe Pye weeds will reach their full glory. Plumbago will be flowering in several locations.

Compass plant will begin early in the month and many cultivars of purple coneflowers as well as other coneflowers can be seen.

Balloon flower continues and the large-flowering herbaceous mallows are impressive. Surprise lilies are always a welcome sight in early to mid-August.

In the bulb gardens you will see gladiolus, caladiums and crinums.


Blackberry and candy lilies are still in flower early in the month. Some garden phlox can be enjoyed all month.

In the Kemper Center's prairie and butterfly gardens you will see slender mountain mint, western ironweed, and obedient plant.

Tropical waterlilies will be blooming and you may also catch a flower on the impressive Amazon water lily. Pickerel weed may also be seen in flower.

Tropical water lily Nymphaea 'Missouri'  (lf)
Climatron Axis

Oxeye daisy brings bright yellow flowers to summer and the speedwells bring colors ranging from white to pink to blue. Hostas provide colorful leaves for shady gardens.

Our summer annuals trial beds will be in full flower and real differences can be observed in cultivar performance. Other summer flowering annuals, including vincas and petunias, will be flowering throughout the Garden.

Trial garden displays  (js)
Kemper Flower Trial Garden

Other annuals of note may be begonias, ageratum and pentas.

Still others you may see are lantana, heliotrope, and caricature plant.

Some plants you will see in our summer baskets and containers include Chinese hibiscus, mandevilla, and scaevola.

Other plants to look for are Japanese anemones and the striking blue salvia.


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