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Plants in Bloom for October 14 - October 20

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Due to the recent very warm weather fall color has not started yet but with cooler days and nights it should be starting soon. Some of the first plants to watch for are sassafras and dogwood. In a couple of weeks the Garden will be bright colors of yellow, orange, and red.

Colorado spruce and Red maple Picea pungens 'Baachari' and Acer rubrum  (lf)
National Council of Garden Clubs

Mums, pansies and other fall-blooming plants have been planted throughout the Garden. Hanging baskets of mums are also showing up all over the Kemper Center gardens.

Chrysanthemum and mexican bush sage Chrysanthemum 'Yocecilia' CECILIA & Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara'  (lf)
Swift Vista

Decorative garden mum Chrysanthemum 'Glowing Lynn'  (lf)
Kemper Flower Borders

Don't miss the spectacular alocasias, colocasias and xanthosomas in the bulb gardens, which will be showy until the first frost.

Salvia guaranitica has been flowering all summer but now it is especially showy.


Be sure and look for the wonderful toad lilies. Also don't miss the spectacular hyacinth bean in the Kemper Herb garden. In the Japanese garden, the mum display is well worth the walk to view.

Cascading and single chrysanthemums  (lf)
Japanese Garden

Roses continue with their fall display. Some summer annuals will remain until frost, after which they will be replaced with spring-blooming bulbs.

Rosa 'Wezaprt' BRONZE STAR  (lf)
Gladney Rose Garden

Hybrid tea rose Rosa 'Eureka'  (lf)
Lehmann Building Landscape

Kemper annual bedding  (js)
Kemper Garden For All

The blue cardinal flower is still attractive in the Woodland Garden. The beautyberries have attractive, showy fruit.


The ornamental grasses remain lovely. Don't miss the lovely willow-leaved sunflower 'First Light' in the Kemper Bird Garden.


Butterfly bushes will continue with sparse bloom until frost but some miscanthus will display their showy panicles until late winter. The red berries on the prickly ash in the Native Garden are striking.

Turtlehead continues with a few last flowers and the goldenrods are still flowering.


Fall asters are flowering throughout the Garden and are lovely. You can find short, ground hugging ones like the lovely heath aster as well as many mid-sized varieties.


In the Kemper Center Bird Garden you can still enjoy scarlet rose mallow. You will also see a great crop of red berries on the winterberry, which will provide many months of winter color.


In the Prairie Garden the combination of the asters, goldenrods and willow-leaved sunflower is striking.

Several of the Japanese anemones are still in flower. Monk's-hood is flowering in the Ottoman Garden. It has very striking and unusual flowers.

Monk's-hood Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii'  (lf)
Strassenfest Garden

Some summer annuals you will still see are begonias, vincas, and pentas.

You will also still see Chinese hibiscus, mandevilla, and impatiens.

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