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Our source(s) for:

Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue'

Note: The following sources where we have purchased this plant are historical. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and some nurseries may no longer be in business or are wholesale only. Many plants are widely available so call or visit your local nursery. Other plants may no longer be available through the source listed as businesses routinely drop plants from their inventory for good reasons, for example, the plant didn't perform well or was difficult to propagate or for other reasons, such as lack of customer demand for the plant or difficulty in obtaining plants for sale. If you find that a source is wholesale only, ask if they have a retail source in your area.

We provide this list to help you locate those plants in our collection that may be new or hard to find.

Cottage Garden, 6967 Rte. 67, Piasa, IL 62079; 618-729-4324
Wayside Gardens, 1 Garden Lane, Hodges, SC 29695-0001; 800-845-1124

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