Kyle Cheesborough
Kyle Cheesborough began working at the Missouri Botanical Garden in March of 2011, just over a year ago. Prior to coming to St. Louis, he earned a bachelorís degree in horticulture from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia (Go dawgs!). During his time at UGA, he worked as a horticulturist at a local nursery, Goodness Grows, Inc., and also devoted time to working at the Universityís Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden. Kyle completed an internship at Skagit Gardens, Inc. in Mt. Vernon, WA, and upon graduation chose to continue his work as a grower at Goodness Grows, Inc.

It was during his time at Goodness Grows that his passion for carnivorous plants developed, as we grew multiple crops of sarracenia, and a few varieties of venus flytrap. Kyle became addicted to Peter DíAmatoís book, The Savage Garden, and he quickly realized that he needed to be somewhere showcasing plants that represent extreme specialization, endemism, and the importance of plant preservation and conservation.

He left Goodness Grows for a short stint at an urban landscaping firm and garden center in Atlanta called Habersham Gardens. Shortly thereafter he accepted his position as Horticulturist I at the Garden, and was given the responsibility of the newly renovated Linnean House and the Shoenberg Temperate House. Kyle wasted little time in designing a new bog garden display in the Temperate House, showcasing many genera of carnivorous plants. Through the Linnean House he have been able to work with and display the Gardenís aroid collection, the largest of its kind in the world, and the cacti & succulent collection, both excellent examples of the Gardenís preservation of rare and endangered species. Kyle really enjoys the opportunity to display endemic, endangered, or threatened species to the public, raising awareness of the importance of these plants as well as their environments.