Mr. Glennon Kraemer
Glenn Kraemer is owner/operator of the G.R. Robinson Seed & Service Company, home of "George’s Magic Mix." This grass seed mix is specially formulated for St. Louis-area lawns, and is available in three types: sun, shade and heavy traffic. A native of St. Louis, Glenn specializes in practical, hands-on advice for home lawns and athletic fields. St. Louis lawns present particular challenges, Glenn says, because of our hot and humid summers. Gardeners also encounter difficulties in controlling diseases and turf management. In fact, says Glenn, his most common questions deal with proper mowing and watering techniques. Glenn draws on horticulture degree and years of experience in teaching his classes at the Garden. He has taught here since 1998, and he teaches a turf course at St. Louis Community College - Meramec as needed. You can reach him by email at