Mapping the Environment
Curriculum Resources

Sequenced investigations focused on particular science areas enable students to achieve depth and build toward independent investigations. Seven modules are currently available.

Mapping the Environment Modules
Place your mouse over any of the module titles below for more information and a sample map. Click on the module title to download a zip file containing the curriculum module and data files. See further instructions at the bottom of this page.

Mapping the Environment Modules

Quick Guide to Viewing Data (2.28 MB)

Mapping Climate Patterns (633 KB)
     Elevation Data for Climate Extension (10.4 MB)

Mapping Severe Weather—Tornados (2.73 MB)

Mapping Severe Weather—Hurricanes (2.08 MB)

Mapping Seismic Activity (2.42 MB)

Mapping Ecoregions (13.3 MB)

Mapping Urban Forests (3.41 MB)


  1. Choose a curriculum module.
  2. Click on the title to download a zip file containing the curriculum module and data files.
  3. When asked, choose "Save to Disk".
  4. Unzip the file using any file decompression program. If you don't have such a decompression program, you can download one for free.
  5. Open the readme file for further instructions on how to use these modules with your students.

Note: To read the curriculum modules, Adobe® Reader must be installed on your computer.

Get Adobe ReaderAdobe® Reader is free and can be acquired by clicking on the link at right.

Additional Data Sets
Click on each data set to download the zip file.

Hurricane data from the National Hurricane Center.

Named Hurricanes in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico:

     • 2000 (31 KB)
     • 2001 (35 KB)
     • 2002 (27 KB)
     • 2003 (38 KB)
     • 2004 (38 KB)
     • 2005 (62 KB)
     • 2006 (19 KB)

Named Hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific:

     • 2000 (32 KB)
     • 2001 (30 KB)
     • 2002 (26 KB)
     • 2003 (33 KB)
     • 2004 (26 KB)

World Earthquakes:

     • 2000 (1.79 MB)
     • 2001 (677 KB)
     • 2002 (953 KB)

Additional climate data sets from the Climate Atlas of the United States (NOAA/NCDC) are also available.

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