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Daffodils at the
Missouri Botanical Garden

The Medicinal Daffodil

Daffodils at the
Shaw Nature Reserve

Tens of thousands in bloom


Daffodil Fun Facts
The daffodil is...

in the Amaryllis family.

the national flower of Wales.

the birthflower of March

undisturbed by squirrels, moles, voles, deer, and almost all pests, due to toxic (and distasteful) alkaloids.

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American Daffodil Society
John Scheepers, Inc.
Old House Gardens

Daffodils in Peak Bloom
Late March through Early April

Daffodils at the Garden
The American Daffodil Society has recognized the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Narcissus collection as an ADS Daffodil Display Garden. The collection—now in bloom—showcases nearly 650 unique varieties, representing 12 of the 13 daffodil divisions, and a number of historic varieties and unique Missouri hybrids.