The Serranía de Huanchaca in Noel Kempff National Park is a table-mountain situated on the frontier between Bolivia and Brazil. The top of the plateau is dominated by cerrado savannas while evergreen humid forest formations are found on the flanks and the surrounding plains.

The high levels of biological diversity documented for Noel Kempff Park are the result of the presence of many different habitats situated in close proximity; much of the top of the Serranía de Huanchaca is a mosaic of gallery forest, cerrado savannas and open campos.

Large expanses of pantanal wetlands are situated along the Río Paraguá in the western sector of Noel Kempff Park; shallowly inundated savanna is characterized by an open treeless grassland with scattered forest islands.

Approximately 35% of the taxa collected in Noel Kempff Park are new records for Bolivia; Eriotheca roseorum Cuatr. is a species endemic to the dry forest regions of eastern Bolivia and central Brazil.

The Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff in Santa Cruz is collaborating with the Garden in a number of botanical inventory projects. Tim Killeen works with Bolivian students at the Universidad Gabriel Rene Moreno; many students participate as thesis investigators sponsored by Garden projects.

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