List of Names for Holomitrium

Holomitrium is a large genus in the Dicranaceae, subfamily Dicranoideae. It contains around 50 species from 146 published names. The genus is found in the old and new world tropics usually in montane forest zones. It grows predominantly as an epiphyte and is distinctive in its long, sheathing perichaetial leaves and Dicranaceous habit.

Below are two name lists: 1) Names for Holomitrium currently accepted; 2) All published names for Holomitrium. These lists will be updated during the course of the revision. Associated with the Holomitrium species on the list are protologue images, images of morphological features and taxon descriptions, where available. Each name on the list links to information on the place of publication of the name, type information, synonomy, distribution data and specimens available, directly from the W3 MOST database.

Names for Holomitrium currently accepted

All published names for Holomitrium

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