A Revision of Streptopogon Wils. (Pottiaceae)


Streptopogon Wilson in Mitt. (Pottiaceae) is an acrocarpous moss genus containing seven species, which occurs in tropical to subtropical areas. The center of diversity for Streptopogon is in the Neotropics, specifically the Andes of Colombia and Ecuador. More common species occur in central Africa, Madagascar, and New Guinea. The single, haplolepideous peristome with a high basal membrane, and 32 long, twisted, teeth in Streptopogon retains the genus in the Pottiaceae. Unifying generic characters include scabrous, mitrate calyptrae, short, twisted setae, exserted (or emergent) wide, cylindrical capsules, a strong, single costa with a single stereid band, and smooth leaf cells. Keys, descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps have been provided for all species.

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Most species of Streptopogon are morphologically distinct. There are several different kinds of asexual structures in the genus which are characters essentially diagnostic to species. However, the propagulae are not always present, so a dichotomous key is provided which focuses on other characters.

Key to the species of Streptopogon
1. Leaf apex cucullate S. cavifolius
1. Leaf apex acute or acuminate 2
2. Costa percurrent, completely filling the leaf apex (proboscis); propagulae present at leaf apices
S. calymperes
2. Costa percurrent or excurrent; propagulae (if present) along leaf margins 3
3. Marginal border present (often faint); apex long-acuminate 4
3. Marginal border absent; apex acute 5
4. Median leaf cells hexagonal, cell walls usually collenchymatous; leaves stiffly erect when dry, arching claw-like when wet; capsules emergent; calyptra scabrous to the base S. clavipes
4. Median leaf cells rhomboid, cell walls firm; leaves twisting when dry, lanceolate when wet; capsules exserted; calyptra scabrous above S. erythrodontus
5. Costa excurrent; median leaf cells irregularly hexagonal; leaf margins bearing cilia in the distal (irregular or entire when cilia absent); calyptra glabrous S. matudianus
5. Costa percurrent or excurrent, median leaf cells regularly hexagonal 6
6. Costa appearing excurrent in a long acuminate apex; median leaf cells regularly hexagonal; margins not bearing cilia, entire to slightly dentate at apex; calyptra scabrous to the base S. clavipes
6. Propagulae absent; calyptra scabrous; margins dentate or entire 7
7. Capsules emergent; margins dentate above; median cells hexagonal, S. lindigii
7. Capsules exserted; margins entire; median cells ovoid S. juarzeii



Streptopogon Wilson ex Mitten
Streptopogon erythrodontus (Taylor) Wilson
S. australis Mitten = Didymodon sp.
S. bolivianus Muller = S. erythrodontus
S. calymperes Muller ex Geheeb
S. calymperifolius Paris = S. calymperes
S. calymperoides Demaret & Potier de la Varde = S. calymperes
S. calymperopsis Muller = S. calymperes
S. cavifolius Mitten
S. clavipes Spruce ex Mitten
S. crispatulus (Muller) Paris = Calyptopogon mnioides
S. crispatus (Hampe) Jaeger = Calyptopogon mnioides
S. elimbatus Cardot in Potier de la Varde = S. erythrodontus
S. elimbatus var. clavipes = S. clavipes
S. erythrodontus var intermedius Salmon = S. erytrodontus
S. erythrodontus var rutenbergii (Muller ex Geheeb) Salmon = S. erythrodontus
S. gemmascens Mitten Leptodontium flexifoilum
S. hampeanus Bescherelle = S. calymperes
S. heterophyllus Herzog = S. erythrodontus
S. hildebrandtii Muller = S. erythrodontus var. rutenbergii
S. hookeri Brown = Calyptopogon mnioides
S. juarezii Sharp
S. latifolius Mitten = S. lindigii
S. lindigia Muller = nomen nudem (= S. lindigii, orthographic error?)
S. lindigii Hampe
S. marginatus Mitten = Willia marginatus
S. matudianus Crum
S. mavegeanensis = nomen nudem
S. mayottensis Bescherelle = Funaria mayottensis
S. mnioides Schwalgrichen Mitten = Calyptopogon mnioides
S. mnioides var prostratus (Montagne) Jaeger = Tortula prostrata
S. parkeri Mitten in Wright = S. erythrodontus
S. peruvianus Brotherus ex Herzog = nom. inval. sin. descr. = S. calymperes
S. rzedowskii Cardenas-Soriano = Leptodonteum proliferumS. rigidus Mitten ex Brotherus = S. calymperes
S. rutenbergii Muller ex Geheeb = S. erythrodontus var. rutenbergii
S. schenckii Muller ex Brotherus = S. calymperes
S. setiferus Mitten = S. lindigii
S. spathulatus Herzog = S. calymperes
S. stenophyllus Poitier De la Varde ex Theriot = S. erythrodontus
S. subelimbatus Cardot in Grandidier = S. erythrodontus
S. wilhelmii Paris = Calyptopogon mnioides
Barbula erythrodonta Tayl. = S. erythrodontus
Tortula erythrodonta Wils. = S. erythrodontus
Calymperes lindigii Hampe. = S. calymperes