GLOSSARIUM POLYGLOTTUM BRYOLOGIAE: A multilingual glossary for bryology

[Originally published in Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden Vol. 33, 297 pp. 1990.]

This web version of Glossarium Polyglottum Bryologiae contains the 1,181 English terms and their definitions from the original publication. The Latin entry has been included along with the translated term(s) in French, German, and Spanish from the original publication.

Links between related term and images will be added to the terms.

The Glossary is presented in an HTLM frame format. This may require your use of one the most recent browsers releases. The advantages of the frame format for this kind of presentation is obvious.

To use the Glossary select the letter from the letters in the contents window along the left-hand side of the screen. This letter selected should be the first letter of the term you want to see. This will display a list of all terms beginning with the selected letter. Scroll the list to find the term you want and click on the term to display it in the main viewing window. You can select other terms in the same letter group by clicking on them, or return to the 'alpha list of letters' by using the pointer at the top of each letter group.

Suggestions, comments, and additions are welcome. Please send comments to: R. E. Magill