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About The Icons and This Map


Wherever you see these icons within the map, a click will link you directly to more information about other, related species. The logo on the left, that of INBio, takes you to their database, BIMS; the one on the right, that of MO, takes you to their database, TROPICOS. The Web pages of BIMS were produced at Costa Rica's Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), in part, directly from the specimen database for the Manual Project, a National Science Foundation-funded collaboration between the Missouri Botanical Garden (MO), INBio, and the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica.

Since its beginning in 1989, INBio has had a close and mutually rewarding collaboration with the Missouri Botanical Garden towards the production of a Spanish-language Manual to the Plants of Costa Rica. Both institutions are dedicated to demonstrating the socio-economic as well as the scientific and cultural value of conserving tropical biodiversity.

This map itself is also essentially a by-product of the Manual Project. Most of the small images on the map are located near where the photographs were taken. Unless otherwise indicated, the WWW pages, text and photographs herein were produced by Barry Hammel.