7. Keys to taxa

7.1 Keys will be provided for all accepted taxa in the Flora. A Key to genera will be placed directly after the family description. Likewise, a key to species will be placed directly after the generic description and discussion, and a key to infraspecific taxa will be directly after the specific description and discussion.

7.2 All keys will be dichotomous, indented in pairs, and in general, artificial. The halves of each dichotomy should be unambiguous and contrasting. The order of characters in each leaf of a couplet should be the same and proceed from diagnostically important to less important. All features mentioned in first half of a couplet must be contrasted in the second. Polychotomies will not be accepted. If the two halves of a dichotomous key have an unequal number of taxa, the lead including fewer taxa should be listed first.

7.3 Use of geography in the keys should be minimized and unambiguous. Geography is not to be the main distinction in a couplet; generally it is the last "characteristic" if it is used.

7.4 Number species according to taxonomic sequence in the text, not according to the order in the keys.