14. Author citations

14.1 Abbreviations for author's name(s) in a binomial way will follow mainly Sayer et al. (The Bryologist 67: 113-135, 1964) except for names that are not included in this publication. Under this case, decisions to formulate the citations will be made by the editorial committee.

14.2 The alphabetized spelling of the names of modern Chinese authors and collectors should be based on the Hanyu Pinyin system, with the old spelling, if any, placed inside parentheses to avoid confusions [e.g., Manxiang Zhang (Manshiang Chang)]. The Chinese author(s) of a scientific name, however, are spelled exactly the same as they appeared behind the scientific name in the protologue of the original publication.

14.3 A Chinese author's name is in an order of the given name followed by family name. The given name of a Chinese botanist can be shortened to two initials of its Hanyu Pinyin spelling with a hyphen in between for literature citation, and it should be spelled out completely without a hyphen in the title pages (i.e., M.-X. Zhang, or Manxiang Zhang, not Manshiang Chang, M.-S. Chang, or M. S. Chang).

14.4 The editorial committee may choose the old alphabetized spelling rather than its conventional usage for a Chinese author's name when there is an established history of this old usage in East Asian botanical literature.