5. Review process

Manuscripts, computer diskettes, distribution maps, and illustrations should be sent directly to the editorial center at MO for processing. Upon receiving the manuscripts, the project coordinator will verify their format, overall accuracy of the information, nomenclature, distribution maps, illustrations, citation of Chinese literature, and consistency in the spelling of the names of Chinese people and localities. Those manuscripts in need of special attention will be returned to the authors for additions or changes. If a manuscript is satisfactory, the project coordinator will immediately forward the manuscript to two editorial committee members, plus one outside authority, for review. This process will take no more than three months in order to meet the project's publication deadlines.

The editorial committee members and corresponding experts will review the manuscripts, make appropriate corrections and suggestions, and send them back to the editorial center. Upon receiving the reviewed manuscripts from the editorial committee members and reviewers, the project coordinator will check their comments, make necessary decisions, and verify any radical changes in consultation with the author(s). If a manuscript is adequate for final processing, the project coordinator will prepare its final proof copy. Authors will receive the final copy of the manuscripts as proofs for correction. The corrected proofs will then be processed at the editorial center for making camera-ready copies that will be sent to the publisher.