Sculpture at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Image of 'Victory of Science Over Ignorance'

'Victory of Science Over Ignorance'(1885)

Marble, 80 1/2 x 25 1/2 x 32 inches

Installed in 1885 as a gift from Henry Shaw.

a. Medium view of Sculpture

b. Close-up of Sculpture


Carlo Nicoli

Italian, 19th Century


Between the Jenkins Daylily Garden and the Mausoleum Garden

This copy of a piece by Consani in the Pitti Palace, Florence, has the partially draped seated figure writing on a shield, with the pedestal inscription: "The Victory of Science over ignorance / Ignorance is the curse of God / Knowledge is the wing wherewith / We fly to heaven." Roman Victory figures were worshipped in the city and in army camps, and in Greek mythology their personification became merged with Nike, goddess of victory in war and of success in peaceable enterprises.

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