5. CLUSIELLA Planch. & Triana, Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. sér. 4, 14: 253. 1860.

by Denis M. Kearns

Slender epiphytic lianas or shrubs. Leaves opposite, often with long drip tips, latex canals and glands present, latex clear. Inflorescences terminal, cymose, of 1-several flowers; peduncles with successive pairs of scale-like bracts; bracteoles and all or some sepals with a prominent abaxial gland. Flowers unisexual (plants dioecious). Sepals 5, imbricate; petals 5, contorted. Stamens numerous, the filaments connate for most of their length forming a column, apically free for a short distance, resiniferous staminodes present around the base of the staminal tube; anthers short. Pistillate flowers with numerous partly fused resiniferous staminodes; stigmas sessile, 5-ca. 20, circular and distinct or packed into a disk and indistinctly triangular to rectangular; ovary 5-ca. 20-locular, many ovules per carpel. Fruit a berry. Seeds numerous, without arils; cotyledons small.

Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil; 8 species, 2 in Venezuela, both in the flora area.

Key to the Species of Clusiella

1. Leaves with midrib prominent on upper surface; resin dots obscure and visible primarily on lower surface; leaf blades oblong or oblong-ovate, acute at apex, 9-11 ca. 4 cm ..... C. axillaris

1. Leaves with midrib impressed on upper surface; resin dots conspicuous (with hand lens) and prominent on both surfaces; leaf blades ovate, acuminate at apex, 4-9 2-3.5 cm ..... C. sp. A

Clusiella axillaris (Engl.) Cuatrec., Revista Acad. Colomb. Ci. Exact. 8: 61. 1950. -Clusia axillaris Engl. in Mart., Fl. Bras. 12(1): 413. 1888.

Liana or shrub. Evergreen lowland forests, often along streams, 100-200 m; Amazonas (Piedra Cocuy, Río Autana, Río Baría, Río Pacimoni, Río Yaciba, San Carlos de Río Negro). Colombia, Peru, Brazil. Fig. 212.

Clusiella sp. A

Liana. Montane and lower montane forests, 400-1300 m; Bolívar (Cerro Venamo, La Escalera). Probably Guyana and northern Brazil.

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