Collections of A.N.Petunnikow from East Europe

Dates of collection:

1900 (Moscow Province)

1898 (Ryazan Province)

1916-1917 (Crimea)

Region of collection:

East Europe: Central Russia (mainly Moscow Province), Ukraine (Crimea)


Petunnikow A.N. and others

Volume of collection:

Herbarium of Moscow flora: 1111 species - over 6000 numbersIn addition, the herbarium included more than 11 small collections by other persons.

Income date to LE:

1914 - Herbarium of Moscow flora

1916, 1918 - Crimea

Income method:

Herbarium of Moscow flora was purchased by the Botanical Museum.

LE Section of storage:

Section of East Europe


Sizes of sheets: 42-42.5 x 27.5-28.5 cm

Features of appearance: Fair labels are written on printed form-sheets with the title: "Herbarium of A.N.Petunnikow".

Additional Infromation: A part of Petunnikow's collections was published as exsiccata: "Herbarium Florae Rossicae". The herbarium of Moscow flora made a base for the work: Petunnikow A.N. Critical review of the Moscow flora. Parts 1-3. 1896-1901. Also it was used in preparation of the work: Syreishchikov D.P. Illustrated flora of the Moscow Province / Ed. A.N.Petunnikow. Parts 1-4. 1906-1914.


Lipschitz S.Ju., Vassilczenko I.T. Herbarium centrale URSS. Leningrad, 1968. 142 p.

Lipsky W.J. Herbarium Horti Botanici Imperialis Petropolitani (1823-1908). Ed.2. Jurjev, 1908. 238 p.

Lipschitz S.Ju. The Moscow botanists D.P.Syreitshchikov (1868-1932) and A.N.Petunnikov (1842-1919) // Bull. Soc. Nat. Moscou. 1968. Vol.73, N 4. P.5-23.

Compiler & Date:

Sokolova I.V., 2005

Alyssum calycinum L.

(Representative specimen)

Alyssum calycocarpum Rupr.

(Representative specimen)

Glaucium flavum Crantz

(Representative specimen)

Papaver hybridum L.

(Representative specimen)

Papaver rhoeas L.

(Representative specimen)

Potentilla goldbachii Rupr.

(Representative specimen)

Potentilla goldbachii Rupr.

(Representative specimen)

Ranunculus arvensis L.

(Representative specimen)

Saxifraga irrigua M.Bieb.

(Representative specimen)

Serratula coronata L.

(Representative specimen)

Serratula tinctoria L.

(Representative specimen)