Collections of S.S.Ganeschin from East Europe

Dates of collection:

1905-1911(?) (Poland)

1909 (Baikal region)

1912 (Crimea)

1914 (Akmolinsk Region)

1915, 1918-1928 (Petrograd Province / Leningrad Region)

1916-1917 (Poltava Province)

1921-1926 (the Volkhov River basin)1930 (Kola Peninsula)

Region of collection:

East Europe: Poland, Ukraine (Crimea, Poltava Province), Leningrad Region, Novgorod Region (the Volkhov basin: the head of the Botanical Party of the Volkhov Hydro Project), Kola Peninsula (the head of the Botanical Party of the Kola Expedition of the Academy of Sciences)

Siberia: Irkutsk Region

Central Asia: Kazakhstan (Akmolinsk Region)


Ganeschin S.S. and others

Volume of collection:

Poland: 3500 numbers

Herbarium of the Botanical Party of the Volkhov Hydro Project: 3000 sheets

Income date to LE:

1914, 1919 - Crimea

1918 - collections from Poland

Income method:

Gift to the Botanical Museum of the Academy of Sciences:

1918 - collections from Poland;

1926 - Herbarium of the Botanical Party of the Volkhov Hydro Project

LE Section of storage:

Section of East Europe


Sizes of sheets: 42.5-43 x 27.5-29 cm

Features of appearance: Fine labels are printed or filled in printed form-sheets.

Information about delivery of duplicates in other herbaria: MW; WA, Pulavy (Poland)

Additional Infromation: List of 992 species collected in Baikal region, is published in the work: Ganeschin S.S. [Materials to the flora of Balagansk, Nizhneudinsk and Kirensk districts of Irkutsk Province] // Trudy Botan. Muzeya Akad. Nauk. 1915. Vol.13. P.1-299.


Karczmarz K.M. The importance of S.S.Ganeschin's works in the study of the flora of the flowering plants in Central and Eastern Poland // Botan. Zhurn. 1980. Vol.65, No 6. P.867-869.

Lipschitz S.Ju., Vassilczenko I.T. Herbarium centrale URSS. Leningrad, 1968. 142 p.

Botanicorum rossicorum lexicon biographo-bibliographicum / Compiled by S.Ju.Lipschitz. Vol.2. Moscow, 1947. P.228-230.

Compiler & Date:

Sokolova I.V., 2005

Ranunculus ganeschinii Tzvel.


Aconitum excelsum Reichenb.

(Representative specimen)

Anacamptis pyramidalis (L.) Rich.

(Representative specimen)

Atriplex rosea L.

(Representative specimen)

Centaurea jacea L.

(Representative specimen)

Centaurea pseudomaculosa Dobrocz.

(Representative specimen)

Clematis recta L.

(Representative specimen)

Cotoneaster tauricus Pojark.

(Representative specimen)

Cucubalus baccifer L.

(Representative specimen)

Dianthus arenarius L.

(Representative specimen)

Dianthus armeria L.

(Representative specimen)

Filipendula ulmaria (L.) Maxim.

(Representative specimen)

Hieracium brachiatum Bertol. ex DC.

(Representative specimen)

Hieracium callimorphum Naeg. et Peter

(Representative specimen)

Melandrium album (Mill.) Garcke

(Representative specimen)

Myosurus minimus L.

(Representative specimen)

Nuphar pumila (Timm) DC.

(Representative specimen)

Papaver dubium L.

(Representative specimen)

Papaver lapponicum (Tolm.) Nordh.

(Representative specimen)

Potentilla chrysantha Trev.

(Representative specimen)

Psephellus declinatus (M.Bieb.) C.Koch

(Representative specimen)

Pyracantha coccinea M.Roem.

(Representative specimen)

Ranunculus auricomus L.

(Representative specimen)

Ranunculus propinquus C.A.Mey.

(Representative specimen)

Saponaria officinalis L.

(Representative specimen)

Silene noctiflora L.

(Representative specimen)