Collection of Georg Wilhelm Steller

Dates of collection:


Region of collection:


Income date to LE:

1757, March 11

Income method:

The herbarium was given away to the President of the Academy K.G.Razumovsky in 1757, March 11, after Steller's death.

LE Section of storage:

Section of Sibaria anf Far East: main funds and Type collection.


The herbarium was collected by G.W.Steller during his 8-years trip in Siberia in 1734-1742. He took part in the Second Kamchatka Expedition of Vitus Bering in northern Russian coast of Pacific Ocean.

The collection was treated by S.P.Krascheninnikov. Later, part of the collection was lost as a result of negligent management. Besides that, the other part of specimens was sold by Pallas to Lambert in 1808 together with his own collection. The rest of the collection had been given to the Herbarium of the Botanical Museum. Now it is stored in the Section of Siberia and Far East in LE Herbarium.


Lipshits S.Yu. & Vasilchenko I.T. 1968. Tsentralnyi Gerbariy SSSR: istoricheskiy ocherk [Central Herbarium of the USSR: historical abstract]. Leningrad, Nauka.

Compiler & Date:

Yu.R.Roskov, 2004

Alyssum sibiricum Willd.

(Representative specimen)

Fumaria bulbosa L.

(Representative specimen)

Viola biflora L.

(Representative specimen)