Herbarium of Johann Georg Gmelin (Elder) from Siberia

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Gmelin (Elder), Johann Georg

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Income method:

Purchased by the St.Petersburg Academy of Sciences for 600 rubles after Gmelin's death.

LE Section of storage:

Section of Siberia and Far East. Stored in main funds.


The herbarium of Siberian plants was collected by J.G.Gmelin during his 10-years trip in Siberia. Most of specimens from the collection were cited in his famous "Flora Sibirica".

Originally the herbarium was stored in Kunstkamera, the first Natural History Museum in Russia. Later, part of the collection was lost as a result of negligent management. Besides that, part of Gmelin's specimens was sold by Pallas to Lambert in 1808 together with his own collection.

The rest of the Gmelin's collection had been given to the Herbarium of the Botanical Museum, and now are stored in the Section of Siberia and Far East in LE Herbarium.

In 1908 after revision of Herbarium funds I.P.Borodin noted that Gmelin's specimens in our Herbarium were marked by Ruprecht handwriting as "Gmelin! Original!". The illustrations from "Flora Sibirica" are placed on some herbarium sheets.

Compiler & Date:

Yu.R.Roskov, 2004

Euphorbia discolor Ledeb.

(Representative specimen)

Polygonum undullatum Murr.

(Representative specimen)

Polygonum undullatum Murr.

(Representative specimen)

Potentilla leucophylla Pall.

(Representative specimen)