Collections of N.A.Busch from Caucasus

Dates of collection:

1894-1907 (further see "Collections of E.A. and N.A. Busch")

Region of collection:

Russian Caucasus: Northern Caucasus (Kuban and Terek areas, Dagestan), Western Transcaucasia etc.

Azerbaijan (Talysh)




Busch N.A.

Klopotov B.N.

Volume of collection:

Over 18 000 sheets

Income date to LE:


Income method:

The collections are resulted from expeditions.

LE Section of storage:

Section of Cauca


The label form-sheets are printed; the locality and the date are written by hand.

N.A.Busch together with V.V.Markowicz and Ju.N.Woronow published the exsiccata:

"Flora caucasica exsiccata ab Horto Botanico Petropolitano edita". 1905-1911. Issues1-15.

375 numbers of the exsiccata were published.

The Caucasian collections served as the base for the publication:

Kusnezow N.I., Busch N.A., Fomin A.V. Flora caucasica critica. Parts1-4, issues1-45. Jurjev, 1901-1916.


Caucasian flora conspectus / Editor-in-chief A.L.Takhtajan. Vol. 1 / Ed. G.L.Menitsky, T.N.Popova. St.Petersburg, 2003. 204 p.

Lipschitz S.Ju., Vassilczenko I.T. Herbarium centrale URSS. Leningrad, 1968. 142 p.

Botanicorum rossicorum lexicon biographo-bibliographicum / Compiled by S.Ju.Lipschitz. Vol.1. Moscow, 1947. P.328-334.

Korchagin A.A. Scientific and pedagogical activity of Nokolai Adolfovich Busch // Bot. zhurn. 1969. T.54, No 11. P.1635-1641.

Compiler & Date:

Sokolova I.V., 2006

Achillea ptarmicifolia (Willd.) Rupr. ex Heimerl

(Representative specimen)

Achillea setacea Waldst. et Kit.

(Representative specimen)

Aetheopappus caucasicus Sosn.

(Representative specimen)

Antennaria caucasica Boriss.

(Representative specimen)

Anthyllis caucasica (Grossh.) Juz.

(Representative specimen)

Astragalus oreades C.A.Mey.

(Representative specimen)

Campanula lactiflora Bieb.

(Representative specimen)

Cotoneaster meyeri Pojark.

(Representative specimen)

Cotoneaster nummularius Fisch. et C.A.Mey.

(Representative specimen)

Filipendula hexapetala Gilib.

(Representative specimen)

Filipendula hexapetala Gilib.

(Representative specimen)

Lloydia serotina (L.) Reichenb.

(Representative specimen)

Muscari leucostomum Woronow ex Czerniak.

(Representative specimen)

Scilla sibirica Haw.

(Representative specimen)

Thalictrum simplex L.

(Representative specimen)

Thalictrum triternatum Rupr.

(Representative specimen)