PROTEACEAE - Malagasia alticola 
TAXONOMY: Magnoliophyta, Magnoliopsida, Rosidae, Proteales.
	    Proteaceae, Protea Family

PLANT NAME:    Malagasia alticola (Capuron) L.A.S. Johnson & B.G. Briggs 
TROPICOS #:    26500893
PUBLICATION:   J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 70(2): 175. 1975. 

BASIONYM:      Macadamia alticola Capuron 
TROPICOS #:    26500822 
PUBLICATION:   Adansonia, n.s. 3(3): 370-372,  pl. 1. 1963.
JOUR/BOOK ID:  L14417 

TYPE LOCALITY: "CENTRE: forêt d'Ambohitantely, sur le Tampoketsa
	         d'Ankazobe, vers 1 600m d'alt."
COLLECTOR:     SF 18360
HERBARIUM:     T: herb. non desig.
ANNOTATION:    Bosser & Rabevohitra (1991) cite HT: P; IT: MO, P, TEF

CITED IN:      B027384 - Bosser, J. & R. Rabevohitra., 1991. 


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